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Ver ciega un citas mi télé

ver ciega un citas mi télé

Comedy about a babysitter and her flatmates.
(in Catalan) Víctor Ros (La 1, 2015) Police series set in 1895.
La huella del crimen (TVE, 1985) 6 episodes of 60/70 minutes.(in Catalan) El juglar y la reina (TVE, 1978) 13 episodes of 30 minutes.Animated series about a dolphin.Series to teach (in Basque).Oro verde (Antena 3, 1992) 65 episodes of 60 minutes.(in Galician) Los Aurones site rencontre tiilt avis (TVE, 1987) 26 episodes of 30 minutes.Non related drama episodes.A widow discovers that her husband was not as she thought.Independent stories starring Monica Randall.Hospital Royal Manzanares (TVE, 19961998) 73 episodes of 60 minutes.
(in Galician) El premio (TVE, 19681969) 13 episodes of 50 minutes.
A grandfather and his nieces imagine adventures in a loft.
(in Galician) Los pazos de Ulloa (TVE, 1985) Miniseries of 4 episodes of 60 minutes.
Del dicho al hecho (TVE, 1971) 12 episodes of 30 minutes.
In the seventeenth century a rogue tries to live working as little as possible.
Comedy about the contradictions sexe plan cul and discussions of a family.
La forja de un rebelde (TVE, 1990) Miniseries of 6 episodes of 100 minutes.A man receives a letter showing who murdered his father 40 years ago.Parejología 3x2 (Telecinco, 2011 later renamed Cuñados (Telecinco, 2012) Comedy about 3 marriages.Las chicas de oro (TVE, 2010) 25 episodes of 50 minutes.Lagència de viatges (TV3, 1993) 13 episodes of 30 minutes.Comedy wiyh unrelated plots based on sayings.Musicals of Celia Gámez.Crematorio (Canal, 2011) About political corruption.Carlos, Rey Emperador (La 1, ) Biopic of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.12 men called Juan with different horoscopes.